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Mikes Math Club
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SCHOOL YEAR 2003-2004

Ms. Thomas' Students Say The MMC Activities Are Groovy!

Ms. Smiley's Students Are Addicted To Math!

Ms. Ogle's Students Say They Are Glad To Be MMC Members!

Maurisa Feels Great To Receive A Package From MMC!

Ms. King's Students Say MMC Made Math Fun!

Ms. Kimura's Class Loves The MMC Activities!

Ms. Howell's Students Say MMC Is Super Duper Fun!

Mr. Heinbaugh's Students Say Math Is Extra Fun With MMC!

Fatima Thinks Each MMC Team Leader Is Special!

Ms. Bergeron's Students Think MMC Is The Best Club In The World!

Suieanne's math skills improve because of MMC!

Samantha has only good things to say about the MMC Team!

Agustin says his T-shirt looks like a rainbow!

Lilian believes that MMC has helped her math skills!

Saira really appreciates her MMC goodies!

DeAnna is happy she's an official member of MMC!

Oswald dreams of MMC!

Lyudmil says MMC's visit was the best school day he had in his life!

Kate thinks all the MMC characters are super cool!

Brian is thankful for the newsletters, buttons, and for the MMC visit!

Carlos loves learning because it makes him feel good!

SCHOOL YEAR 2002-2003

Ms. Thomas' Students Say Learning Math With MMC Is Easy!

Ms. Smiley's Students Say MMC Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Waverly Students Love Their MMC Goodies

Math Is Lightning Powered Fun With Ms. Logan's Class

Ms. King's Students Say The MMC Games Are The Best!

Laugh With Ms. Kimura's Class

Ms. Howell's Students Say Dance With Numbers!

Math Rocks With Mr. Heinbaugh's Students

Ms. Bergeron's Students Say Thanks For Coming!

Nidia#39;s Letter
Nidia ya este lista para graduarse de la secundaria y tambien nos habla acerca de su fascinacion con Luis Fonsi.

Julmarie#39;s Letter
?Julmarie nos cuenta sus ?ltimas aventuras en las competencias de belleza!

Amber#39;s Letter
Amber is glad that MMC came to her class!

Cesar#39;s Letter
Cesar says it's really fun being in the Club!

Angel#39;s Letter
Angel looks forward to receiving mail from MMC!

Martiana#39;s Letter
Martiana said she had the best day ever and loves her T-shirt!

Matthew#39;s Letter
Matthew really likes the MMC offices!

Val#39;s Letter
Val says, "The dog ate my homework," won't work on her!

Titania#39;s Letter
Para Titania, solo hay una excusa aceptable por no entregar las tareas.

Nivian#39;s Letter
Enterate de las cualidades que los maestros deben tener, según Nivian.

Graciette#39;s Letter
Graciette adores planting flowers for people to see!

Dolly#39;s Letter
Dolly says thanks for coming to her class!

Cristy#39;s Letter
Cristy is amazed by how MMC makes math so easy!

Amanda#39;s Letter
Amanda says MMC has inspired her to take extra math classes!

Alyssa#39;s Letter
Alyssa enjoyed MMC's cool tricks and jokes!

SCHOOL YEAR 2001-2002
Ms. Orlowski#39;s Class
Fond Memories from Ms. Orlowski's Students

Ms. Ogle#39;s Classes
2001 / 2002: Cutting to the Chase with Ms. Ogle's Students

June#39;s Letter
June's mom likes that she now comes home confident about her math homework.

Jakeline#39;s Letter
Jakeline says, thanks for making math easier in her life.

Mr. Heinbaugh#39;s 5th Grade Class
2001 / 2002: Mr. Heinbaugh's Students on Mike's Math Club

Ms. Bergeron#39;s 3rd Grade Class
2001 / 2002: A Year With MMC Through The Eyes of Ms. Bergeron's Students

Elizabeth's Letter
Elizabeth thought the Mystery of Mr. Boggs was fun.

Joseph's Letter
Joseph like Decimal Dalmatian's cape.

Steven's Letter
Steven now has proof that he's in Mike's Math Club!

Danny's Letter
Danny thinks David is cool because he speaks Spanish.

Caroline's Letter
Caroline has lots of fun hobbies!

Octavio's Letter
Octavio wrote his mom's birthday card in secret code.

SCHOOL YEAR 2000-2001
Ghazalehs Poem
Ghazaleh composed a poem about MMC

Rudys Letter
Rudy now understands the MMC Secret Code!

Omars Letter
Omar says, "Thank you for coming to our classroom."

Monicas Letter
Monica can't begin to express her happiness!

Judiths Letter
Judith is now an official Jr. Lifeguard.

Jennifers Letter
Jennifer had fun playing Ollie Eyes!

Denys Letter
Denys is so happy MMC is coming in May!

Angelica's Letter
Angelica wants to have her own math club!

Anthonys Letter
Anthony says he's MMC #2 fan.

Jahlynas Letter
Jahlyna says come to Grenada.

Diannes Letter
Dianne can't wait for the next MMC visit!

Na Tiyanas Letter
Na Tiyana says 'N SYNC is the bomb!

Mayas Letter
Maya's most memorable moment of 2000 was to meet the MMC Team

Camilles Letter
Camille is thankful for her family and friends, especially MMC

Josannes Letter
Josanne gets a call from MMC

Laurens Letter
Lauren likes fish, oysters, and shrimp sandwiches

SyHuis Letter
SyHui thinks all the math games are awesome

Sues Letter
5th grade teacher gets great ideas from MMC

Ellens Letter
Ellen sits in on daughter's 5th grade class

Ann Maries Letter
Ann-Marie's math grades are rising