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This section of our Web site showcases some of our many teacher-directed activities that bring your math lessons to life! Click on an activity below and when it pops up on the screen, print it out!

Please email us with your comments regarding the Mike's Math Club materials on this site. We also welcome suggestions regarding specific math topics you would like us to address.

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Story Time Math
Minnesota Muskrat's Icy Adventure
What mysteries will Minnesota Muskrat and his niece, Eloise, uncover while testing their new cold weather gear? Reading this story becomes a real adventure for students, who must use a calculator to find the missing words.

Minnesota Muskrat's Diving Adventure
What dangers await Minnesota Muskrat near the ocean's floor? Using a calculator to find the missing words will make reading this exciting tale a real adventure for your students.

Who Is Following Minnesota Muskrat?
Minnesota Muskrat suspects that someone is following him. Is it a friend or a foe? This story makes reading a real adventure for students, who must use a calculator to find the missing words.

Decimal Dalmatian's Outer Space Adventure
Decimal Dalmatian travels into outer space to gather some unusual ingredients needed to make his favorite doggie treats. This three-part story includes questions that test reading comprehension and promote an understanding of decimals.

Decimal Dalmatian's Fraction Vacation
Decimal Dalmatian had a great time in sunny Southern California. Can your students identify the fractions described in this story?


Muskrat Multiplication
Students who need help memorizing the times tables for numbers greater than five will benefit from this "handy" multiplication technique.

Mad Math Minute Multiplication Tables (2-5)
How well do your students know the multiplication tables for the numbers two through five? Use these one-minute drill sheets to find out.

Mad Math Minute Multiplication Tables (6-9)
Test your students' multiplication skills with these one-minute drill sheets for the numbers six through nine.


Fractions: A Part of Life!
This simple activity tests students' understanding of fractions while demonstrating that fractions can describe many things in a real world environment.

The Bare Bones Method of Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators
This method of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators can reduce stress and confusion in your classroom.

The Lazy Bones Method of Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators
This method of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators minimizes the amount of work and writing involved.

Why Do We Invert and Multiply?
Alternate Algorithms for Dividing Fractions
This exploration of the division of fractions not only clarifies why we invert and multiply, it also uncovers alternate algorithms for dividing fractions.


Teacher's Guide To MMC Sudoku Puzzles
Use the MMC Sudoku Puzzles as the launching pad for a fun open-ended math exploration for your whole class.

Hot/Cold Number Game
Reinforce your students' awareness of place values while exercising their logic and strategy skills.

The Killer "B" Game
Develop a winning strategy for this fun game by using logic and finding patterns.

Place Value / Addition

Power of the Place
This method of adding horizontally in a number sentence format also reinforces students' familiarity with place value.

Number Sense and the Zero to Ninety-nine Chart
Using the Zero to Ninety-nine Chart, your students will make up their own rules for adding and subtracting ten, nine, eight, seven, six, and other numbers. Then they can practice using these rules to solve the problems and riddles in the attached activities.


Handy Hint 92 x 93
This mental math technique makes multiplying numbers in the nineties easy! The additional examination of why the technique works, based on the formula for multiplying binomials, suggests a wealth of other applications.

Goldentail's Colossal Card Game
This mathematical card trick includes an algebraic explanation of how it works!

Teacherís Guide for Flow Chart Codes
Use our Flow Chart Codes as the basis for a fun yet challenging math activity that relates to NCTMís Number and Operation, Algebra, Problem Solving, and Communications standards for grades three through five.