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Ninfa Really Likes Being A Mike’s Math Club Member!

Dear Mike's Math Club,

Thanks for all the stuff you showed us. You guys are nice and awesome. I really like being a Mike's Math Club member.

Mike's Math Club showed me that math can be fun. I didn't like math until Joni, Ian, The Wiz, David and Sharon showed me lots of cool stuff. The part I like from your visit was the game Wiz Says because The Wiz was trying to confuse us. I also liked the short cuts and $50 Words. Thanks for all the stuff; I really like the folders and pencils. I really learned a lot, thanks for visiting our classroom.

I already visited the Web site; it is cool. The part I like most is the worksheets. It's fun being a Club member. My favorite character is Lupita because she likes math.

Ninfa Gonzalez
Ms. King's 5th Grade Class
Fishburn Avenue Elementary School
Maywood, California