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Joanna Says Itís Fun To Learn Math With MMC!

Dear Mike's Math Club Team,

I loved your visit here. You were the ones that got me into math. My favorite part was when we did The Incredible Diamond Game with The Wiz. My favorite MMC Character is Decimal Dalmatian; he is very helpful. I also like Ollie The Owl because he is very funny.

I am looking forward to your next visit. I use your handy hints; they come in handy! It's fun to learn with you, especially in math.

I can't wait until you come on December 7th. Just keep in mind that I'm always open to learn with Mike's Math Club.

10 - 11, 5, 26, 8 - 2, 10, 17, 8, 0, 7 - 2, 6, 22, 3 - 14, 11, 25, 19!

Joanna Lim
Mr. Heinbaugh's 5th Grade Class
Balboa Boulevard Magnet School
Northridge, California

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