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Mayra Says She Will Always Love Math Thanks To MMC!

Dear Mike's Math Club,

I really enjoyed your first visit to our classroom. You guys showed us how math can be fun. Two days ago, I thought math was boring, but then Mike's Math Club came to our classroom and made math fun to learn. Now, every morning I come to school and can't wait until I open my math textbook and workbook.

As you may know already, my name is Mayra and I am 10 years old. I have only one sister, and trust me, that is enough. I also have a puppy named Duke, two roosters (Broad and Ruffles) and I love them all very much. My favorite TV show is SmackDown. My favorite food is pizza accompanied by a cold coke, and my favorite color would have to be baby blue. Kelly Clarkson would have to be my all time favorite artist. Her song "Because of You" is always playing on my stereo. My hobbies are shopping, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, playing basketball and swimming. My favorite book would have to be "The Prince of the Pond." It's interesting and heart-warming, and I would recommend it.

Well, I really enjoyed your visit. It was extraordinary, and I will always love math. Thank you very much Mike's Math Club!

Mayra Recendez
Ms. Thomas' 5th Grade Class
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
Los Angeles, California