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Ms. Ogle and Ms. West's Students Get A Kick Out Of The Newsletters!

Shelby Clementin: I love figuring out the secret coded messages.

Steven Lockwood: Thank you for the T-shirts and rulers.

Kristen Patterson: It was nice to get your letter. I also like the worksheets you gave us. They were really challenging.

BreeAnna Pung: I like the Fifty Dollar Words. The handy hints help a lot and the Magic 1089 trick is cool.

Robert Vaughn: Thanks for sending the newsletters. My favorite parts were the calculator story and word search. I like the cool things you gave us.

Corrie Amos: Thanks for the newsletter. I got a kick out of "Why do birds fly south for the winter?" Because, "It's too far to walk!"

Lindsey Barry: You have given us a lot of nice materials that we can use for math and other subjects and classes.

Mitchell Hall: Thank you for the calculator.

Jacob Hankins: When our package came, I liked the erasers best because we don't really have any.

Aubrey Hodges: I looked at the pictures from Waverly East on the Web site; it looked like everybody was having fun.

Alyssa Holey: The secret code on the back of the MMC T-shirt says, "Math makes me smile!"

Cheyenne Mejia. I have never been in a club like this. I love the letters and the stuff I get, and I love to send letters to you.

Lynzie Melville: My favorite things to do in school are writing letters to you and going to Ms. Ogle's class so we can learn more about your club.

Ms. Ogle and Ms. West's 5th grade Students
Waverly East Intermediate School
Lansing, Michigan (2004/2005)

To find out what Ms. Ogle and Ms. West's class wrote in secret code in the letter to us, go to our Secret Code page