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Ms. Smiley's Students Say Thanks For Making Us Laugh!

Jasmine Arriaga: Thank you for the button, pencil, folder, newsletter, and for making me laugh!

Alan Garduno: I like the part when The Wiz read our minds!

Carlos Gil: Thanks for the calculators and teaching us new math tricks for them.

Juan Gomez: Please give me an Ollie The Owl button. I need to teach him a lesson because he makes me nervous in math.

Jonathan Guillen-Rodriguez: Thanks for visiting our classroom. I like the games we played. My favorites were $50 Words and Magic 1089.

Billy Ray Henry, Jr.: 10 - 12, 8, 6, 11, 11, 16 - 11, 5, 26, 8, 18 - 22, 3, 8 - 4, 6, 2, 8, 7 - 21, 8 - 20, 11, 6, 16, 8, 18!

Jesse Medrano: MMC you are great because you made math easier for me. You're the greatest team ever.

Andy Miranda: It was so much fun playing Professor Panda's Product Game with you guys.

Jose Quiros Espinoza: I feel happy because I am in a fun club. Sometimes I even think that you guys are part of my family.

Anthony Villaseñor: I really liked when we played the Detective Duck's Pizza Pie Game.

Mekiala Young: I had the best time of my life playing Ollie Eyes and Professor Panda's Product Game.

Ms. Smiley's 5th grade class
Birdielee V. Bright Elementary School
Los Angeles, California (2004/2005)

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