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Marquis wants to learn some Spanish and he also talks about his dad.

Dear Mike's Math Club,

Hi it's me again, Marquis. I heard David speaks Spanish. I was wondering if he could teach me some? I am Hispanic, but I don't know much Spanish. If he could teach me the basics, it would help me talk to my grandmother in California who speaks mostly Spanish.

My dad got back from Iraq a month ago. We went to the Grand Ledge Airfield and my dad got his new patch for Iraq. I got two pairs of American flags and a dress uniform patch. I am glad my dad's back for the holidays. He will be going back to Iraq, but not for a couple of months. I will keep you informed as much as I can. Thank you for the last letter. Happy Holidays!


Marquis DeLong
Ms. Ogle's 5th grade class
Waverly East Intermediate School
Lansing, MI