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Mikes Math Club
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Mr. Heinbaugh's Students Can't Wait For The MMC Visits!










Brian Aguilar Cueva: I really like being in Mike's Math Club!

Emma Akmakdjian: I want to learn everything you teach with the MMC Characters!

Sean Booth: Thank you for coming to our classroom. I love the MMC T-shirts.

Janelle Braham: I think it would be very cool if you came to our school every day!

Breanna Cirillo: Playing Ollie Eyes was my favorite part of the visit.

Riley Conlan: Ever since you guys came to our classroom, I realized that math is so fun!

Holly DeMita: I'm happy you are coming back because I need to learn new math strategies.

Kyle Feffer: Every MMC visit I get happier that I am in Mr. Heinbaugh's class because it's so fun when you guys visit.

Nikki Garcia: I really like the MMC T-shirt; it's so creative and colorful.

Seb Gonzalez: My favorite game was Detective Duck's Pizza Pie Game.

Ryan Harvey: I can't wait for your next visit!

Zach Javidi: Thank you for the MMC T-shirt; I also loved the pen you gave me.

Catherine Mai: Mike's Math Club is my favorite club to be in.

Graci Martinez: My dog (a dalmatian named Lucky) gets hyper and excited when I talk about Decimal Dalmatian!

John Niroula: Thank you for coming to our room; I had a blast playing Multiplication Bingo!

Parker Sheffield: Math was always a pain; then MMC came and saved the day!

Andrew Sutton: I was one of the winners in Multiplication Bingo, and when I got the eraser I held on so tight to it, you couldn't pry my fingers loose with a crowbar.

Lindsay Taguchi: I think you guys are great! You helped me know how to multiply 75x 75 in the blink of an eye!

Danny Uhlenberg: Your last visit was incredible! I especially liked the potluck; everyone bringing cultural foods, that was awesome!

Noah Weinberg: The MMC T-shirt makes me feel like I have special powers.

Sooji Yang: All of my friends who didn't experience MMC envy me. I feel proud!

Hanna Yoon: Normally, I don't like math because it's boring, but you make it fun.

Gregory Zakem: Thank you for sending me a MMC birthday card!

Mr. Heinbaugh's 5th grade class
Balboa Boulevard Magnet School
Northridge, California
2006-2007 School Year