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Ms. King's Class Likes The Fun And Cool MMC Activities!









Isaac Aceves: Thank you for the buttons. I really like Detective Duck.

Alfredo Alvarez: I like you guys because you are fun and do cool math activities.

Ernesto Barcenas, Jr.: I always have fun with the games you bring because they're challenging. The Handy Hints make math easy and fun.

Alejandro Carranza: Thank you for the MMC T-shirt, ruler and calendar.

Angie Clemente: Thank you for coming to our classroom.

Cesar Estrada, Jr.: I like reading the letters you send.

Jessica Garcia Castillo: Everytime I see something about math I think of you guys.

Gerardo Garcia-Robles: 21, 8 2, 10, 7, 7 16, 5, 25!

Desarie Granados: I was so excited when I got my letter because I said to myself, "If I don't get a letter, then I don't know my address!"

Benjamin Granillo, Jr.: My favorite activities are The Incredible Diamond Game and The Case of The Missing Diamond when we found out that Ollie stole Hollie's diamond!

Stephanie Hernandez: This year is going to be fun because I got to be in Ms. King's class and become a MMC member.

Julian Herrera: I learned a lot from your visits, like JONI is a Fifty Dollar word!

Francisco Luevano: My favorite MMC character is Decimal Dalmatian; he's the best!

April Martinez: My family said thanks for making math fun and easy.

Jose Meza, Jr.: I wish you could bring Professor Panda!

Kassandra Ochoa: 12, 8, 2, 8, 2, 19, 8, 12 16, 5, 25 6, 12, 8 22, 3, 8 19, 8, 7, 22!

Jocelyn Ramirez: My goal is to become better at math with MMC's help.

Yvette Ramos: The MMC Web site photos are really great!

Kevin Solares: I laughed really hard when The Wiz read my classmates minds during The Incredible Diamond Game!

Daniel Vazquez: I really like the MMC Secret Code and Lupita's shortcuts for addition.

Juan Zarate, Jr.: How did you ever come up with the MMC Characters?

Eveny Zermeño: Thank you for the MMC birthday card, my family and I enjoyed it.

Ms. King's 5th grade class
Fishburn Avenue Elementary School
Maywood, California
2006-2007 School Year

To find out what Ms. King's class wrote in secret code in the letter to us, go to our Secret Code page