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Alondra thinks the photos on the MMC Web site are awesome!

Dear Mike’s Math Club Team,

I can’t wait for you guys to come again. It was so fun, exciting and really cool. I have never thought of math that way. I liked when The Wiz did his prediction game.

When I went home the day you guys and girls came, I showed all the stuff to my parents, sisters and brothers. They said it was cool too. One of the things I like about MMC is the math packets and letters. They are so cool.

I went on to and it was fun. I saw the pictures from September; they looked awesome.

I wonder what you guys and girls will show us next time? I can’t wait to learn more different and fun math.

2, 10, 17, 8, 0, 7 – 2, 6, 22, 3 – 14, 11, 25, 19 – 12, 25, 11, 8, 7!

Alondra Olmos
Ms. King’s 5th Grade Class
Fishburn Avenue Elementary School
Maywood, California

To find out what Alondra wrote in secret code in the letter to us, go to our Secret Code page