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Reminiscing With Ms. King's Students!

Maria Ahumada: I wish you could visit us more often.

Jose Anguiano: I am very happy because I am a MMC member.

Pablo Anzaldo: I really like the math games and tricks you teach me.

Rosie Avila: I love math because you make it fun and easy to understand.

Tamy Avilez: I really like the $50 Words activity.

Angel Ayala: My favorite games are Wiz Says and Multiplication Bingo.

Lorraine Beivide: I wish you could come every single day so we could do math with you!

Edgar Castellanos: Thank you for the calendar.

Daniela Castro: 2 - 2 - 14 - 10, 7 - 22, 3, 8 - 20, 8, 12, 1, 8, 14, 22 - 14, 11, 25, 19!

Nayib Cruz: I like the Pizza Pie game.

Marco Garcia: Thank you for the pencil, folder and MMC button.

Lizette Grimaldi: Thank you for writing back because that means we are best friends forever.

Joshua Gutierrez: My favorite activities are Wiz Says and People vs. Calculators.

Teresa Mora: Thank you for everything you gave us.

Giovanny Ramirez: Thank you for showing us easier ways to do math.

Jose Silva: I like the MMC newsletters!

Esteban Valle: I enjoyed playing the Pizza Pie game.

Brenda Vazquez: 16, 5, 25 - 14, 6, 9 - 14, 5, 25, 9, 22 - 5, 9 - 2, 8 - 1, 5, 12 - 6 - 1, 25, 9 - 2, 6, 22, 3 - 16, 8, 6, 12!

Alex Villalvazo: Math can be fun once you learn it and play games using it.

Ms. King's 5th grade class
Fishburn Avenue Elementary School
Maywood, California
2005-2006 School Year

To find out what Ms. King's class wrote in secret code in the letter to us, go to our Secret Code page